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Listing Counseling Experts Visit Dalian Baoyuan


On July 11, 2022, experts and leaders from Beijing Stock Exchange, Dalian Securities Regulatory Bureau, Dalian Financial Development Bureau, Jinpu New Area Finance Bureau and other experts visited Dalian Baoyuan for on-site research and visit. Wang Dianxiang, general manager of Dalian Baoyuan, Chen Chengda, executive deputy general manager, Qin Si, deputy general manager and secretary of the board of directors, and Jiang Xijun, chief accountant, attended the meeting.      
This is one of the series of activities of the "Beijing Stock Exchange Dalian Base Service Week", which aims to help Dalian enterprises enhance their professional understanding of the capital market, optimize the listing path, solve the bottleneck of listing, inject new momentum into the listing of enterprises, improve the acceleration of listing, and build a comprehensive enabling system to serve enterprises to be listed.      
At the meeting, the basic situation of Dalian Baoyuan, corporate governance, main business, major research and development, listing work plan and the progress of the current listing work were introduced in detail. The two sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the listing work and corporate operation of Dalian Baoyuan. The visiting experts and leaders affirmed the current operation and management of Dalian Baoyuan and put forward a lot of valuable guidance and suggestions for the follow-up listing work. The leader of the Market Development Department of the Beijing Stock Exchange said that he welcomed Dalian Baoyuan to log in to the Beijing Stock Exchange and provided consultation and help at any time; The relevant departments of Dalian Securities Regulatory Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau and Jinpu New Area Finance Bureau will also provide help and support for the listing of enterprises.      
In 2022, Baoyuan will unite and forge ahead with all employees to overcome the impact of the epidemic, carry out nuclear power and petrochemical at the same time, and fight in two plants. With the support and help of the higher government departments, we will work hard together to achieve our goals and open a new chapter.