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HomePage  >  Important news  >  LIMAC CORPORATION 2016 annual board of directors of member enterprises held successfully.

LIMAC CORPORATION 2016 annual board of directors of member enterprises held successfully.


In order to implement the requirements of the modern enterprise system, accelerate the institutionalization of enterprises and refine construction pace. Dalian Baoyuan, Dalian Electric Industry Real Estate Development CO., LTD and Dalian Jianyejiahe Film and Television Media CO., LTD and other member enterprises have recently held board of directors. Corporation board chairman Wu Yan, principal leaders and relevant department responsible personnel attended the meeting.
Participating directors considered and discussed the related proposals, listen attentively to the enterprises work report for first half year and the work plan for second half of the year, successfully completed board directors and supervisors election. Participants perform their duties and offer advice and suggestions, discuss business development plans, seeking better company reform strategies.
The board of directors held successfully is not only an important practice for member enterprises to thoroughly implement the corporation's strategic restructuring and deepening reform, but also enhance the board of directors motivation power for  enterprise operation strategy leadership and supporting roles. All member enterprises of corporation will gather strength, be enthusiastic and press on and forge ahead.