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Dalian Baoyuan and SNERDI formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement


 Dalian deputy mayor of administrative ,Qu Xiaofei, Free trade zone administrative committee director, Lu Lin, the mayor Assistant and City by letter committee director, LiuYan, vice director of municipal committee Yu Dehu attended the signing ceremony. Chairman of LIMAC and Dalian Baoyuan Nuclear Equipment Co.,Ltd, Wu Yan, general manager of Dalian Baoyuan Wen Dianshui, deputy general manager, Wang Dianxiang, court president of SNERDI, Zheng Mingguang, deputy court president, Gu Guoxing,etc. took part in the signing ceremony.
    Chairman of LIMAC, Wu Yan made a speech, he said, both parties signing of the agreement, will combine SNERDI technology r&d design advantages and "Baoyuan" manufacturing advantage effectively, make contributions for localization of our third generations nuclear power technology and relevant equipment,and the development of local economy. The signing of the agreement is a good cooperate start, LIMAC and Dalian Baoyuan will do the best, provide the omni-directional service and support the program.
    Court president of SNERDI, Zheng Mingguang made a speech,he said, currently AP1000 nuclear technology is the third generation nuclear power technology which only through the U.S. nuclear regulatory commission approved by the final design, at present it is the safest, most advanced commercial nuclear power technology in the world. China is the  first to master its five key technologies countriy in the world.The two parties made the cooperation in new nuclear power technology localization and new nuclear power products manufacturing autonomization.
    Deputy mayor of administrative ,Qu Xiaofei,made an important speech, he hoped both parties made a breakthrough in the third generation of nuclear technology, hope SNERDI and Dalian engaged in nuclear power equipment research enterprise develop more extensive cooperation, build Dalian became the domestic important nuclear power equipment research and manufacturing base.
LIMAC and SNERDI both representatives officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement.