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LIMAC Company Ltd.

LIMAC Company Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "LIMAC") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LIMAC Corporation.

LIMAC Corporation is restructured from Liaoning Machinery Import and Export Company with a history of more than 70 years, and its English logo LIMAC enjoys high international recognition in the industry, and now maintains extensive trade with more than 100 companies at home and abroad. LIMAC has accumulated rich practical experience in trade financing, customs, commodity inspection, shipping, risk control, trade dispute resolution, settlement and other aspects related to international trade.

Relying on the equipment manufacturing industry of LIMAC Group, LIMAC company gives full play to its own advantages to provide ASME standard pressure vessels and complete sets of equipment for international petrochemical, nuclear power, pharmaceutical, non-ferrous metals, metallurgy and other industries, such as catalytic cracking, ethylene and other complete sets of equipment and devices, various reactors, fly ash filters, heat exchangers, columns, storage tanks, spherical tanks, cement curing production lines; Spent fuel racks, spent fuel transport containers, core measuring devices, nuclear power regenerative heat exchangers, electrical penetrations, mechanical penetrations, nuclear power plant personnel and equipment airlocks, nuclear power plant reactor pressure vessel supports, accelerator steel shells, component shears, etc.;

LIMAC not only has advantages in the traditional equipment manufacturing industry, but also actively deploys beef import business, aquatic products import and export business, chemical business, agricultural and sideline products import business, wood import business, etc. in recent years. The main customers are in the United States, France, Britain, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan and other countries. It has maintained a high market share in Europe, America, Australia, South Korea and Japan all year round.

In addition to trade business, the company also has a very strong core competitiveness in the domestic bulk commodity centralized procurement business. In order to better control costs and ensure the price advantage of proprietary commodities, the company has established strategic partnerships with major domestic steel mills and established certain industry advantages. The steel mills directly cooperated include TISCO, Baosteel, Angang Iron and Steel, Wuyang Steel Factory, Dongfang Special Steel, Fushun Special Steel, Yingkou Minmetals, Xiangshan Iron and Steel, etc., which have significant advantages in product price, delivery time and logistics. Centralized procurement of special raw materials effectively avoids the losses caused by price competition.

We would like to establish long term business with all the potential customers and realize win-win cooperation.