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Dalian Yian Property Management Co.,Ltd.

Dalian Yian Property Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, with company registered capital of 10 million Yuan. The company is mainly engaged in property services, housekeeping services and parking lot operation services.

Since its establishment, the company adhering to the company to "professional management, service first" for the purpose, adhere to the "integrity-based" principle, deep cultivation in the field of property, through years of learning and efforts, business scope covers property services, housekeeping services and parking lot management services three major items, accumulated rich property management experience, at present, the company's management of property services include closed residential communities, commercial buildings, office buildings, staff dormitory buildings, factories, open residential communities, parking lots, public construction, etc., projects under management including Electricity Yicaiyuan Community, Yicai City Shopping Center, LIMAC Office Building, Dalian Baoyuan Nuclear Equipment Co., Ltd. Office Building and Dormitory Building, etc., with a total management area of 496,700 square meters.

Over the years of development, the company from small to large, from weak to strong, gradually established a strict division of labor and a sound organizational structure, improved standardized rules and regulations and assessment standards, as well as a highly efficient and strict internal control operation mechanism, and forge a property management team with excellent quality and excellent service. At present, the company has more than 40 technical talents of various types, with high comprehensive quality, strong professional ability, high cohesion and centripetal force, which can meet the property service needs of different scenarios and formats. It has won many honors such as "2009-2010 Advanced Unit in Real Estate Management", "2011-2012 Advanced Unit in Real Estate Management", and "2012 Quality and Satisfactory Service Base" issued by Dalian Real Estate Association.

Looking forward to the future, the company will as always devote itself to building the brand, focus on improving the level of enterprise management and operation, win the trust and recognition of customers, and give back to the society with exquisite management and warm service.