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Northeast Chemical Constructio(Dalian) Co., Ltd.

Northeast Chemical Construction (Dalian) Co., Ltd., founded in 1984, formerly known as Dalian Industrial General Factory, the Third Station of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Signal Corps, and later renamed Northeast Chemical Construction (Dalian) Co., Ltd., now affiliated to LIMAC CORPORATION, is a collection of industrial and civil construction, municipal engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering as one of the construction general contracting enterprises.

In the process of innovation and development, relying on excellent talent team, advanced on-site project management experience, rigorous management system and perfect service system, the business field continues to expand, and the advantages of contracting projects include: chemical industry, petrochemical engineering; Mechanical and electrical equipment engineering; Power equipment and facilities engineering; environmental engineering; Pressure piping installation; Municipal public works and on-site maintenance technical transformation projects, etc.

At present, the company has the qualification of pressure pipeline installation, petrochemical engineering, municipal public engineering general contracting level III, building mechanical and electrical installation professional contracting level II, urban and road lighting, environmental protection engineering professional contracting level three qualifications and other qualification certifications, and equipped with perfect physical and chemical and non-destructive testing means, and has passed the quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system certification.

The company consistently implements the business tenet of "safety first, quality first, customer first", carries forward the enterprise spirit of "unity and hard work, technological innovation and high-quality service", actively devotes itself to revitalizing the industry economy, promoting the development of enterprises, and continuously dedicating high-quality projects to all walks of life. Enterprise vision: the creator of fine art projects, to create a business platform for comprehensive innovative services.