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Baoyuan Nuclear Service Technology (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.

Nuclear service company is located in Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, the company was established in 2016, registered capital of 10 million Yuan, office area of about 300 square meters, plant area of about 1000 square meters, the existing machining, welding, lifting and testing equipment more than 60 sets, the existing staff of more than 30 people, the company's main business includes: nuclear power plant on-site outsourcing services, equipment installation, spare parts, metal cutting machine tools and special equipment maintenance and transformation, industrial robot maintenance, equipment process technical services.

In order to better serve industrial enterprises, nuclear service based on the market, after years of exploration, with testing as the main line, carry out technical services for industrial enterprises in all aspects, create "CNC machine tool maintenance 4S shop and equipment spare parts supermarket" and establish a 4S+2 innovative development model, that is, to provide enterprises with equipment maintenance and other 4S services on the basis of intelligent upgrading and energy-saving transformation. At present, the first domestic machine tool maintenance 4S center built by the enterprise in Jinpu State New Area is about to be completed, the company plans to establish machine tool maintenance 4S centers in 11 industrial cities such as Guangzhou, Changsha, Changchun, Chengdu, Nanjing, Shenyang, Harbin and has operational capabilities, in the next three years, to establish 30 4S centers, form a technical service network covering the whole country, provide more than 3,000 jobs, and the annual value is expected to reach 3 billion Yuan.

At present, the company mainly serves FANUC CNC, Mitsubishi CNC, Omori CNC, Siemens and other spare parts for CNC systems and equipment. By the end of 2021, Nuclear Service Technology Company provided on-site outsourcing services for Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant for four consecutive years and ranked first in the service team for consecutive years. Since its establishment, the nuclear service company has completed more than 1,000 sets of equipment for transformation and overhaul, and has participated in the construction and implementation of dozens of automated production lines, including repair, transformation, relocation, upgrading, maintenance, installation and other integration projects, while supplying spare parts and complete machines for CNC machine tools, industrial robots, production lines, and covering mainstream imported industrial robots such as KUKA, ABB, FANUC, YASAWAWA, and domestic brands such as Siasun and Guangshu. The projects and services implemented cover automobile manufacturing, nuclear power plants, military, locomotives, shipbuilding, machinery, electronics, aerospace, chemical industry and other industries. We have many first-class technical personnel to serve you wholeheartedly, and strive to create a one-stop service quality service experience for customers with domestic first-class detection analysis and maintenance technology.