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Dalian Wanning Commercial Management Co., Ltd.

Dalian Wanning Commercial Management Co., Ltd. is a commercial company dedicated to the development of chain industry in China, with its own brand, and has good cooperation with Japan, France and Taiwan. The company mainly provides enterprise management services, catering, wholesale pre-packaged food, domestic general trade, and is committed to its own brand building. The company's "Wantfeel", focusing on developing the domestic high-end dessert market, has established its own central production plant, the Wantfeel brand now has four stores, mainly engaged in patisserie, cakes, bread, coffee and afternoon tea. Wantfeel focuses the natural aroma and colour of the raw materials, without additives or modifications. The introduction of international advanced baking technology gives each product a strong romantic atmosphere. Own national SC product production certification central factory, covering an area of nearly 1,000 square meters, more than 80 employees, located in the commercial prosperous circle. The production capacity can meet any form of production cooperation and supply needs. Most of the factory equipment is the leading model in the industry, and the food processing technology is also led by international masters, and has been promoted by Dalian TV food programs for many times. The products have won unanimous praise from consumers and a large number of loyal fans. 4 high-end French patisserie chain stores have been opened in Dalian at present.