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Limac Corporation

LIMAC CORPORATION is an investment management group company with rich experience in capital market operation experience and industrial integration capabilities, with a registered capital of 100 million RMB, headquartered in Dalian, Liaoning Province.

LIMAC was founded in 1953, formerly liaoning branch of CMC. After the transformation of the first batch of enterprise shareholding systems in Liaoning Province in 1993, it has successfully transformed into a joint-stock company with clear equity, diversified shareholders and a modern enterprise management system.

After nearly 20 years of rapid development, relying on superior resources, strengthening industrial integration, giving full play to resource sharing, and making fruitful investments in many fields such as industrial manufacturing, engineering construction, new energy electricity, mineral development, finance, commerce, medical and health care. The Group has become an investment management enterprise with intensive resources, talent gathering, complete qualifications and diversified industries.